A perfect blend of heritage and modernism:

Indore Residency Club has equally kept pace with modern times. With rapid expansion in progress, it has maintained perfect harmony between the yesteryears and the present day. Leaving heritage intact, the club has an ultra modern facility, which is also home to all the clubbing activities catering to the needs of the hour. All you have to do is drive in and leave the pampering to us.

Let's walk the way together:

A heritage building set in serene surroundings and ample greenery, manicured lawns and beautiful pathways will mesmerize and tempt you to be part of this legendary situate. Indore Residency Club is one of the very few clubs t have maintained a perfect equilibrium of brick and nature. Can you imagine walking down a track guarded by greenery, anywhere in the heart of the city? This is where it all happens.

Fore hand delight:

For all the aces of the game, Indore Residency Club has the perfect tennis courts. Sports is what it takes to ease off after a long days' of work. Drop your tensions and smash your worries away right here. Form clay courts; IRC also has mini practice courts for the young guns to nurture their talents. Perfect fun frolic for all ages!

Lap ahead – leave the heat behind:

'Refreshing' is one word that explains what you experience at our outdoor swimming pool. Surrounded by Mother Nature at her best, at the swimming pool what you witness are low hanging branches of magnificent trees, which makes a swim even more pleasurable here. So, when it's time to take a dip, we guarantee a rejuvenating experience.

Pot it in – The regal ball game:

Take your brake, pot a few and earn your reward. Billiards and snooker, games that are looked upon by the elite. And how better could it get when played in a perfect royal setting and on a table which was once used by royalty themselves. Walls clad with pictures from precious moments stolen from history, make the game table experience even richer and a one to remember.

Once bounce- it's allowed without penalty:

Here getting bounce is no panic nevertheless the server's advantage. Table Tennis- an upper class Victorians after entertainment activity is all time fun at IRC. Every time, you start a game with greater spin and speed. You are always ready for more fast- paced and exciting volley. It's very likely.

Fish for a trump – that's the way to win:

Not for a faint hearted especially when the stakes are high. Deal it right and follow your intuition, Indore Residency Club holds a wonderful experience for the card gamers. A perfect ambience that helps you concentrate as well as unwind at the same time. What better could you ask for after the sun is down?